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At Vigor Sports Medicine Clinics, we provide the following treatment products

Vigor Comprehensive

  • ALL contributing factors to your condition are tested.
  • Full healing in 95% of clients in 3 to 4 visits.
  • Full healing in 1 to 2 weeks
  • Ideal for back pain sufferers (L4/5, L5/S1 disc injuries or facet joint pain; pain in the buttocks and hip), sciatica sufferers (annoying pain extending down the legs), people with neck pain, headaches (especially during work or at school, whilst working at your desk or on your computer), sports injuries including- shoulder strains, quadriceps strains/tears and calf strains/tears, shoulder blade pain (sometimes this pain extends to the front of the chest and won’t allow you to take a deep breath in; taking a deep breath can cause chest and rib cage discomfort), twisted/sprained/rolled ankles (pain on the outside of the ankle with swelling that wont settle)
  • Excellent for sufferers of spinal pain, growing pains, knee pain (especially after sitting for a long period of time) and elbow pain (tennis elbow or golfers elbow), flat footedness and pain in your shins (shin splints and leg pain).
  • Perfect for sufferers of shoulder pain, wry necks (stiff necks), shoulder rotator cuff injuries, hamstring tears, knee injuries (including Anterior/Posterior Cruciate Ligament, Medial/Lateral Meniscal and Medial/Lateral collateral ligament tears), hip injuries,   
  • Ideal when your pain is becoming ‘annoying’ and you are finding it hard to tolerate it anymore.
  • Duration of session: 60 minutes

Vigor Fix

  • This your typical Physiotherapy treatment
  • It is our most basic of treatment products.
  • The condition and its contributing factors are assessed and tested.
  • Full healing in 95% of clients in 8+ visits.
  • For the condition to fully heal it could take about 2-3 weeks with this treatment. 
  • Ideal for ongoing maintenance. If you are maintaining your condition and you want a ‘top up’ or ‘tune up’
  • Duration 30 minutes.


Time taken to Return to your Sport, Work and Play with our Treatment Products



The Services rendered will be a combination of:
Clinical Pilates