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Vigor Success Stories


From 4 Weeks on Crutches to 2 Days

Alex Bardell-Ankle (Hockey)

Alex was still on crutches unable to play hockey at the 2010 University Games - Perth, when I first saw him. His sprained ankle had swollen up like a mini balloon and had not settled since twisting it 4 weeks prior.

After further investigation it was found out that his... ankle injury was caused by a bio-mechanical fault in a tiny joint in his lower leg. Once this was treated he improved quickly...very quickly. In 2 days Alex was back playing his first game of hockey pain free!

Since then he has gone onto greater things by working on fitness, strength, conditioning and core control.

Alex, it has been awesome working with you and congrats on graduating. Alex has also been accepted into the Australian Army. Well done on your hard work!

4 Years of Back ZUMBA!

Nerissa Jayasingha-Low Back Pain (Zumba Instructor)

Nerissa, an avid Zumba instructor and Talent Scout, had been suffering from low back pain for 4 years.

It was getting worse and her pain was spreading to the side of her legs and to her upper back. She was stiff, cramped and very uncomfortable. She loves her Zumba Classes and found in the last few months that she wasn’t recovering after her OWN classes.

After 2 Physiotherapy sessions we found that Nerissa’s main issue was not coming from her back at all. It was a muscle in her glutes that was causing her main problems. Nerissa has improved her flexibility and we have ‘unlocked’ now.

She can easily manage her three Zumba classes much more comfortably too. Being an expert in the fitness industry Nerissa will continue to do well.

P.S. Her classes are awesome!


Spinal Pain to Fast Bowler...Work in Progress

Hiran Kroon (Part 1) Spinal Pain - Cricketer

Hiran is an indoor cricketing legend, fielding extraordinaire, talented cricketer and part time actor. Because of a back injury sustained 3 years ago he has had to give up pace bowling, take up spin bowling and change his work duties to avoid back pain.

Since starting his Physio sessions he has improved markedly by 80% in only 1 week. His control, flexibility and range have all shown great improvements. Now to apply all these improvements to his fast bowling.

Being tall and wiry (and he said to mention handsome) he has a few biomechanical issues in his upper and lower spine to sort out.

Our goal with him is to have him back bowling pace again. Watch this space!

90% Improvement in his Low Back Pain in 6 Days

Ray Vella - Back Pain (Soccer Enthusiast; Fitter and Turner)

Ray came to us with severe back pain which was not allowing him to work in his job as a Fitter & Turner.
He also loves soccer and is a forward for his local club.

He was quite concerned that he would not be able to continue working effectively for his employer because of his deep seeded pain.

After assessing his biomechanics we found that there were a few areas contributing to his pain. Namely a deep muscle in his hip and a very stiff spinal segment in his middle back. Once we had improved movement in this spinal segment and worked into his muscle that was very tight he made a 90% recovery after 6 days.

Ray now has full movement, he’s training harder, he’s able to work at his job...All without pain!

The champion has promised to dedicate his 1st goal to us when his season starts. We look forward to it Ray!


Chronic Low Back Pain...Relief in 4 Days.

Anne Everard - Chronic Low Back Pain (Avid Gardener)

Anne suffered from chronic low back pain for 6 years without relief.

She saw Physios, Specialists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons without much relief. Over the last 3 years she has even ended up in hospital – the pain was that bad!

She was diagnosed with a nerve root problem in her lower back and the surgeons did not want to do operate because it was too dangerous.

After using the Ridgway Method and assessing all the possible structures that could cause Anne’s problems we found that her main issue was caused by a segment in her middle back (12th Thoracic vertebrae) and a gluteal muscle that was not functioning optimally. After sorting these main problems out

Anne had recovered by 90% in only 4 days!
Some of the things she can do after 4 days of treatment: walk up 13 stairs- pain free, do 2 hours of gardening- pain free, putting her socks on- pain free, Getting in and out of her car- pain free, Turning over at night – pain free. These activities could not be done pain free prior to the treatment.

Anne is a model client. She does her exercises and will continue to improve in the long term.

Well done Anne and we hope your garden continues to prosper!


Recovery in 8 Days & Maintainng her Gains 11 Months after Treatment

Anne-Maree Treganowan - Knee Injury, Back Pain and Headaches (Squash Player)

Anne-Maree was suffering from knee pain (after surgery), back pain and headaches for a few years. This was limiting her concentration when playing squash and she always use to pull up sore after her bi-weekly games. Her frustration was that she knew she could continue performing at her highest level but pain, stiffness and her recovery was slowing her down.

Regular Physio, regular visits to the Sports Docs and exercise upon exercise didn’t help her get the 100% she needed.

Ann-Maree’s biomechanical problems were due to a stiff spinal segment in her middle/lower back (Thoracic/Lumbar spine), an adductor muscle tightness (found on the inside of her knee) and a weak core. After addressing these issues she made a full recovery in 8 days.

Now 11 months later she has maintained all her gains; she has no pain in her knee, her back pain has vanished, she only gets the occasional headache and recovers faster after each game.

She monitors her problems areas and sees us for a ‘tune-up’ every 2-3 months or so. She does not need to do as many exercises as she was doing back then either.

She has continued to play the sport she loves without the worry of her pain and injuries (she is darn good at squash too!) Ann-Maree is a wonderful client and we are glad to be a part of her sports rehab. She also bakes the best cakes in Melbourne’s West!